Welcome to the LumenPnP Community Mods page! Want to modify your LumenPnP or share the mod you designed? You’re in the right place. If you want to add your mod, copy the template below and paste under the appropriate heading. Need help documenting your mod? Let us know on our Discord. We’ve also got a collection of designs on Printables.


Confetti shooter mod

Made by: Stephen Hawes

Compatible machine version: v3

Link to source: https://www.stephens-awesome-mod.com

Description: I made a confetti shooter add-on to the LumenPnP that shoots a whole bunch of confetti every time it’s done placing a job! A huge pain to clean up, but it’s worth it. Instructions on assembly, print settings, and OpenPnP configuration are available in the link above.


Confetti! (source: photos.thea.codes)

Confetti! (source: photos.thea.codes)

Machine Mods

Bottom camera tool changer

Made by: Curly Tale Games

Link to source: https://www.printables.com/model/150059-lumenpnp-clip-pcb-holder-feeder-strips-and-nozzle-

Description: I added some more holes to the tool changer so it can be placed near the bottom camera which frees up 25% of your build plate.